Publication in new journal Superhero Science and Technology

The first edition of Superhero Science and Technology, a new open access journal arising from the mind of Barry Fitzgerald, has just been published. In it we can read how marine fish antifreeze proteins can inspire us to improve cryopreservation, as was applied to the Winter Soldier. This contribution by Romà, Maja and Ilja can be read in full online, as well as a Finnish contribution describing ‘3D printing the Iron Man suit’.

You can read the announcement and full publications on the TU Delft website, as well as an article by Tomas van Dijk in their university magazine, Delta.
On Monday June 4th, 12:30-13:30, Barry Fitzgerald will be giving a lecture about his work using the subject of superheroes entitled ‘Outreach and Communication in Science using Superheroes’ Location: Room 1 F205 in the TNW building at TU Delft.

Photo courtesy of Barry Fitzgerald