Christian Sproncken

PhD student

Nationality: Dutch
Undergraduate Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Graduate Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Phone: +31 40 247 5560
Office: CE 1.44


I completed my Bachelor thesis, under supervision of Dr. Catarina Esteves, on the topic of low-friction hydrophilic coatings for anti-fouling applications. Then, I joined the group of Dr. Ilja Voets for Master's thesis. During the project I studied the co-assembly of complex coacervate core micelles with a poly(vinyl alcohol) corona. We showed that these PVA-based systems retain the polymer's well-known ice recrystallization inhibition (IRI) activity. Afterwards, I moved to Frankfurt for a three-month internship at the Clariant Innovation Center in the lab of Dr. Jesus Pitarch Lopez, where I studied the effect of additives on the drying process of waterbased dispersion paints using a newly developed method. To this end, I helped develop a reliable and reproducible testing methods that can be performed on a common rheometer. After my graduation, I returned to the Institute of Complex Molecular Systems in October 2017 to start a PhD project under supervision of Dr. Ilja Voets. Here, I will move forward with the project we started up last year, to use polymers working towards anti-icing materials.

Research interest:
My research project encompasses the development of polymer-based materials for anti-icing applications. I study complex coacervate core micelles containing PVA and characterize these systems using light and x-ray scattering techniques. The ability to inhibit ice recrystallization is studied using so-called sucrose sandwich assays and new techniques will be used as the project moves forward.

Selected Publications: