Emma Giakoumatos

PhD student

Nationality: Australian
Undergraduate Institution: University of Newcastle, Australia
Master Institution: University of Newcastle, Australia
Graduate Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Email: e.giakoumatos@tue.nl
Phone: +31 40 247 5414
Office: CE 1.44


In 2010 I began a combined B. Engineering (Chemical) (Honours) / B. Science (Chemistry) degree at the University of Newcastle, Australia. In 2014 I completed an engineering design thesis under the supervision of Prof. Eric Kennedy and A/Prof. Michael Stockenhuber, focusing on the design of a chemical plant for the conversion of the waste glycerol product from biodiesel transesterification into a value-added product. Specifically my thesis centered on the design of a plug flow reactor for the treatment of the waste water produced in the conversion process. In 2015 I completed a research thesis on the effectiveness of specific isotropic and anisotropic block copolymer particles as Pickering emulsifiers of oil-in-water emulsions under the supervision of Professor Erica Wanless and Associate Professor Grant Webber and in collaboration with the Armes Research group, University of Sheffield UK. Throughout my degree I also completed three summer internships in relation to this collaboration. In 2013/2014 I undertook an internship studying the controlled release of hydrophobic drugs from hybrid bioactive coatings in the Manufacturing and Materials laboratory at the CSIRO in Melbourne, Australia under the supervision of Dr. Nhiem Tran. In 2016 I began my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Ilja Voets and Professor Remco Tuinier at the Institute of Complex Materials (ICMS), Eindhoven University of Technology.


Research Interests:
My projects focuses on a new class of colloidal materials: supramolecular colloids. I synthesize and characterize new types of supramolecular colloids aiming to control colloidal assembly into complex architectures with emerging functionalities by external cues like light.

Selected Publications