Roderick Tas


Nationality: Dutch
Undergraduate Institution: Utrecht University
Graduate Institution: Utrecht University
Phone: +31 40 247 5414
Office: STO 2.44



After completing my Bachelor degree in Biology, I started the master Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences at Utrecht University. During my masters I used advanced live- and super-resolution methods to study selective transport in neurons in the Biophysics group of Prof. Dr. Lukas Kapitein. After obtaining my master degree, I started a PhD and continued to study how neuronal cytoskeleton organization affects selective transport in neurons under the supervision of professor Kapitein. As part of my PhD, I combined biochemistry and single-molecule localization microscopy to develop a super-resolution technique to visualize microtubules and directly impose their orientation. This led to new insights about the neuronal microtubule architecture and how this affects selective sorting into the axon and dendrites. Additionally, during my PhD, I had to opportunity to receive training at the marine biological laboratory (Woods Hole, MA) in the Physiology course. As of May 2019 I started as a post-doctoral researcher in the group of Ilja Voets.

Research Interests: