Former PhD candidates and Post-doctoral researchers 

Sanam Foroutanparsa

Christian Sproncken
Now: Postdoctoral Scientist at Adolphe Merkle Institute

Lisa van Dongen-Timmers
Now: Junior consultant at Innovencio 

Patrick Hage
Now: Travelling

Rodrigo Magaña Rodriguez

Hent Schuurman

Theo Merland
Now: Scientist at ESPCI, Paris

Bas van Ravensteijn
Now: Assistant Professor at Utrecht University

Emma Giakoumatos
Now: Policy Officer at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning of Victoria, Australia

Mariam Hossainy

Berta Gumí Audenis
Now: Project Manager at Teamit Research

Dylan Atkins
Now: Process Engineer at Southern Oil Refineries

Romà Surís Valls
Now: Senior Chemical Engineer at Submer

Marieke Gerth
Now: Postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University

Maja Mehmedbasic

Manoj Sharma
Now: Application Engineer at ASML

Phil Guo
Now: Science fellow at Queen's University, CA

Antonio Aloi
Now: Microscopy Scientist at DSM

Adam Taylor
Now: Design Engineer at ASML

Neus Vilanova Garcia
Now: Formulation Manager at Diversey

Rosa Fucci
Now: PhD candidate at University of Antwerp

Hande Cingil
Now: Principal Investigator at Sabanci University Nanotechnology Research & Application Center

Anneloes Oude Vrielink
Now: Test Consultant at Alten


Marleen de Kool
Now: finalizing a degree for chemistry teacher


Clément Guibert
Now: Assistant Professor at Sorbonne University, Paris

Luuk Olijve
Now: Research Chemist at Ioniqa Technologies

Isja de Feijter
Now: Technical Sales Specialist at Xenocs

Martijn Gillissen
Now: Lead Chemist at Nemho

Elisa Impresari
Now: PhD candidate University of Milan

Mathias Wendt
Now: Researcher at Prioavoid, Düsseldorf