Meet our students

Danny van der Haven

Master student
Project title: Enzymatic activity and aggregation of protein-polymer hybrids
Objective: Characterization of substrate transport behavior in compartmentalized enzymatic systems.

Rob Wortel

Master student
Project title: Fundamentals in encapsulated fragrances
Objective: Identifying which parameters influence the performance of capsules, by using various analytical techniques.

Daan Belt

Bachelor student - Avans Hogeschool
Project title: Formulation of readily applicable anti-icing coatings
Objective: Preparation of colloidal dispersion that can be coated as films to reduce ice adhesion.

If you are a student looking for an interesting and challenging bachelor or master project, do not hesitate to get into contact directly. We have a variety of topics within the research group that offer opportunities for chemical engineers, biomedical engineers and materials scientists.